First Aid Courses for the Work Place

There can always be that freak accident or someone might suddenly take ill in any workplace that you might be working in and in such emergency situations providing workplace first aid is of utmost importance till more specialized medical aid can be summoned. Often, proper and timely first aid prevents further injury or worsening of condition of the afflicted person. Thus, every workplace should have some people that have proper first aid training. And, such emergencies can occur in any type of workplace be it a school or a factory where heavy machineries are regularly used. So, it is a bounden duty of every management to send some of their personnel to attend professional first aid courses so that they can be at hand to deal with any unwelcome emergency.

Medical emergencies can take various forms and those that have attended first aid courses can handle situations where the patient is bleeding heavily or in suffering from respiratory difficulty or has suffered what is suspected as a severe heart attack. People having first aid training do not panic in such situations and take steps that might save the life of the victim. This immediate assistance given under workplace first aid helps qualified doctors a lot when they take up the case as they have ready at hand crucial details about the patient’s condition and also are in the know of the initial steps that had been taken before the arrival of doctors.

These first aid courses are never full time and also do not last usually for more than a week or, at the most, ten days. Therefore, people joining these courses would not have to be absent from their workplaces for long but would in the process get some invaluable training on saving lives by applying what they have learnt while imparted first aid training.

As nature of emergencies indeed vary from industry to industry and every workplace has its own set of possible dangers, there cannot be a one size fits all type of first aid training course. So, one needs to have first aid courses tailor made for every industry and before signing up for any such course those interested must verify whether they would get to learn the intricacies of first aid training that would be relevant to the industry they belong to. Further, an enquiry should also be done by management whether on site first aid training is provided by any such first aid training institutes or not as that would be infinitely more topical and related and, obviously, tailor made for that particular industry. If such an alternative is available, managements of corporate houses should definitely opt for such first aid course.

The other issue that needs to be seriously examined is whether such training is imparted by qualified nurses or not. If not, then such first aid training has hardly any value since there would be no guarantee that the quacks that had imparted first aid training had any real knowledge on how to handle a medical emergency.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone around you required urgent medical attention or was unconscious and required CPR? Did you have the knowledge and confidence to help them? Or did you stand back powerless and unable to help out a mate?

Unfortunately workplace accidents are common. Falls from scaffolding and other high areas, crush injuries and accidental cuts simply happen too often. If you suffered an accident, injury or fell ill on the job, we’re sure you’d like to think that someone could kick in and assist you until proper medical attention arrived. Similarly, we’re sure you can see the point of being trained in all aspects of First Aid including CPR, particularly given your trade and the fact that workplace accidents are common, and medical kits are not always up to scratch.

FirstAidPro is a leading mobile First Aid training provider who offer specialised training for tradies and even training for specific trades such as electricians needing to gain their Low Voltage Rescue. The Low Voltage Rescue Course is designed to provide electricians with knowledge and skills to perform a low voltage rescue.

It is a requirement in the State of South Australia that all electrical safety observers complete LVR course every 12 months.

Take part in one of our fun informative first aid, CPR or LVR courses and enjoy training with us.
If you would like to become a pro at first aid, you need to talk to us.

Take part in one of our fun, informative first aid or CPR courses and enjoy:

· Highly trained course tutors – all of our course tutors are registered nurses with many years of experience
· Comprehensive course material – take home your notes and re-visit the course at your leisure
· A supportive, fun and friendly learning environment – great team building opportunity!
· A nationally recognised certificate from a recognised training organization (RTO)

Don't forget, the larger the group, the lesser the cost!

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Client Testimonials

  • Good afternoon,

    My name is Jessica and I attended my Provide First Aid and CPR courses at Morphett Vale earlier today. I am leaving this feedback to commend your trainer (I think his name was James). He was absolutely fantastic! I have social anxiety which made me nervous to attend this morning, but I have walked out of my training session this afternoon with only appreciation. Your trainer made the course interesting, fun and comfortable - which isn't always easy in a classroom environment! I would very much appreciate it if this feedback made its way to James and if there is any way in which your organisation rewards positive feedback/excellence, I would love for him to be commended as he absolutely deserves it. I am not typically the type of person to send any feedback (positive or negative) but I felt compelled to make an exception in this case. I will be recommending your agency to others, and will be back myself in 12 months for my CPR refresher!

    A huge thank you once again,

  • Just wanted to provide some feedback,

    I found Friday’s session very good, the facilitator was great, he knew his stuff and made everyone feel at ease, most enjoyable. I have also received feedback from 1 staff person who attended at Salisbury and 1 staff member who attended at Hewett, both said the same thing, they really got a lot out of it.

    Andrea Shevlin
    Manager Employment & Training

  • Good afternoon,

    I just wanted to give some feedback in relations to the three employees we sent to the Low Voltage Rescue & CPR course the other week in the CBD.

    Our employees really enjoyed the interactive training and facility provided. All three took home something new from this day.

    Kind Regards,
    SARAH GLENN / WHS & HR Advisor
    R. M. Williams - Adelaide

  • Did the First Aid and CPR course at Marion Hotel yesterday. The trainer was exceptional and learnt more about first aid than all my previous courses that I have attended. Very professional and interactive that provided confidence in doing the practical CPR and trauma bandaging. Recommend these professionals to anyone needing first aid certification. Cheers.

    Bill Oppert

  • Please thank those involved within your organisation who assisted me in gaining this essential certificate. The office team could not be more helpful and my instructor (John) was both entertaining and professional.

    As a customer I received value for money and your service is exemplary.

    Kind Regards,
    John B. Lonergan

  • Enjoyed class. Found informative & entertaining. Kept interesting with real life scenarios. Venue great. Completed in timely manner. It was quick, but all of the major points came across very well. I will definitely book with your company again and will recommend it to others.

    Southern Vales Chiropractic

  • Good time. Used as bonding session. Trainers real good. Love night option as would lose business if done during day. Offered his guys to pay for course if willing do in their own time. All accepted.


  • I really enjoyed the inclusive environment of the trainer from Firstaidpro. I was nervous about the course but I learnt more than I thought I would. I am going back to school feeling much more confident in my role as a 'First Aid Chick'

    Rachel Rocca

  • Great humour made for a great learning experience. Chris was a very considerate of my personal situation in the course which I was appreciative of. Thank you.

    Suzi Wyld

  • My thanks to Sharon McCulloch for the great job she did today with the Applied First Aid + CPR training that I attended today. The training was up-to-date, relevant and taught in an easy to understand manner. Kind regards Neil McKenzie, Plaza Hotel

    Plaza Hotel